Lynn Burgess

Owner, Yoga from the Heart

For Lynn Burgess, her love affair with yoga began after her first class. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in business administration, Lynn is the first to admit she was an unlikely yoga student when she began 20 years ago. Back then, she owned a closetful of business suits, spent 12-plus hours a day sitting at a desk, and had developed an eye twitch from the stress of her corporate job.

After the class ended, Lynn came up with a plan. She would develop an exit strategy, walk away from her job, and dedicate herself to yoga, focusing on becoming a teacher and opening her own studio. She set out on a journey, practicing under dozens of highly regarded instructors from all across the globe, searching for someone whose philosophy and style was in harmony with her own. She knew she’d found her teacher when she met renowned instructor, Rodney Yee.

After years of study, devotion and planning, Lynn opened Yoga from the Heart in 1998. She’s registered with the Yoga Alliance at the highest possible levels as an RYT 500 and E-RYT 500 instructor, and she’s trained dozens of instructors herself.

In her day-to-day practice, Lynn specializes in what she calls “Yoga for the American mindset and the American body.” She is best known for her clarity, lighthearted approach, and keep-it-real attitude. Her teaching style is influenced by Rodney Yee as well as her passion for musculoskeletal anatomy, asana mechanics, and philosophy.

Awards and Recognition
Lynn was awarded the “Woman Entrepreneurial Excellence Award” by the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce . She has also been voted as having the No. 1 Yoga Class in Sarasota and as Sarasota’s Favorite Yoga Instructor. Lynn remains in close contact with Rodney Yee, and has served as his teaching assistant at multiple Yoga Journal conferences in Florida.

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