Mindful Transitions
A Hidden Treasure in Your Yoga Practice

We often measure our level of success in yoga by the technical skill and level of difficulty in the poses we practice. In concentrating exclusively on the poses themselves, we often neglect the space between any two given poses, the transition.

The transition between poses may seem irrelevant. The temptation is to hurry through these periods of time. However, transitions are a hidden treasure in your yoga practice. By honoring them and giving them the attention they deserve, you can advance your practice to the next level of awareness and strength.

To mine these gems, resist moving from asana to asana using momentum. Cultivate a graceful slowness of movement when transitioning to and from poses. Consciously moving in and out of poses can help you to maintain focus and avoid injury.

If moving slowly through the yoga asana proves to be difficult, the core needs some attention.  Click here to read more about our February Core Workshop.