One Powerful Pose for All-Over Toning

If there’s one powerful pose for all-over toning it is Plank Pose. A truly foundational pose, plank builds arm and abdominal strength while keeping wrists supple and healthy. If you practice this pose regularly and in a well-aligned way your upper back and neck posture will improve and you’ll create support for your lower back as you learn to engage your abs.

In order to reap the benefits of Plank, follow these instructions.

Set It Up:

  • Begin on all fours.
  • Align your shoulders directly over your hands and your knees under your hips.
  • Straighten your right leg back so that your toes are flipped, your heel facing the ceiling.
  • Straighten your left leg the same way.

Align the Pose:

  • Check that the arms are perpendicular to the floor and the shoulders directly over the wrists, torso parallel to the floor.

Work in the Pose:

  • Press your outer arms inward and firm the bases of your index fingers into the floor.
  • Firm your shoulder blades against your back, then spread them away from the spine. Spread your collarbones away from the breastbone.
  • Press your front thighs up toward the ceiling, lengthen the tailbone toward the wall behind you.
  • Lift the base of the skull away from the back of the neck and look straight down at the floor, keeping the throat and eyes soft.
  • Hold for 5 seconds building up to 1 minute.